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Hiding Ugly Fencing. Collection by Shannon Rickey. ... "10 Garden Fence Ideas to Make Your Green Space More Beautiful Looking for best bamboo fence and other fence ideas?" See more. ... "inexpensive way to border an outdoor room, or hide fence with greenery planted in front."【Get Price】

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Option #3: Hide Your Fence — Sometimes the best way to fix an ugly fence situation is to simply hide the fence from view. You can somewhat camouflage a wood or chain link fence by painting it brown or green to better blend in with your landscape design, ...【Get Price】

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15 Best Looking Ways To Hide Trash Cans | There are many easy and inexpensive ways to hide trash cans on your property that you can easily build yourself. . Visit ... Trash can fence outdoor enclosure home design ideas l 2 dc a 434 ab 8 spectacular hide garbage cans fencing designs. Aaron's Service Group. Fences and Gates .【Get Price】

15 Creative Ways to Hide Your Outside Air Conditioner

15 ways to hide your outside air conditioner and enjoy your outdoor space. 1. Lattice surround. Using lattice to create a screen around your outside air conditioner works well, since the holes prevent the hot air blowing out of the unit from becoming trapped. When air flow to the unit is impeded, your outside air conditioner can overheat.【Get Price】

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Like a disagreeable child, the humble garden fence is always neglected by us. We take pains to decorate our garden to make it more and more beautiful. But for the garden fence, we just simply paint it or even make it nude. However, the garden fence can also add color to our garden if we well dress it.【Get Price】

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Fence It In One of the most common approaches is to simply hide the air conditioner from view. For ideas on fences and screens that could work for your garden, take cues from elements you already have in your garden to maintain an integrated look.【Get Price】

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From Frugal to Fabulous! 1. Simple and Very Inexpensive. Probably the least expensive way to hide trash cans outside – and the easiest to make.【Get Price】

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8 ways to hide precast concrete walls - Garden & Outdoor, Lifestyle. Oct 31, 2014 8 ways to hide precast concrete walls: Are you looking for ways of Put up a chalkboard or writing wall for the young ones to scribble on.【Get Price】

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How to Hide a Fence. Author Info. wikiHow is a wiki similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written collaboratively. To create this article, 12 people, some anonymous, worked together to author and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 78,105 times.【Get Price】

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Looking to hide your air conditioner? Follow these tips to disguise your outdoor A/C unit. Looking to hide your air conditioner? Get tips to disguise your A/C, like building a fence, adding landscaping and allowing room for air to circulate. ... Build a fence higher than your A/C and use the space to store shovels and hoses.【Get Price】

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A 6-foot solid board fence is the quickest way to create privacy in your backyard year-round—just be sure to check local building codes regarding fence heights (and any other restrictions). It may also be the best solution in a side yard, where space is tight, since fences have a smaller footprint than plantings.【Get Price】

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8 ways to hide precast concrete walls - Garden & Outdoor, Lifestyle. Oct 31, 2014 8 ways to hide precast concrete walls: Are you looking for ways of Put up a chalkboard or writing wall for the young ones to scribble on.【Get Price】

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Few good things can be said about the aesthetic properties of chain-link fence around a home. Other than being inexpensive and a good method of penning in dogs, chain-link is a blight on yards.【Get Price】

How to Hide Chain Link Fences with Plants

The best way to hide a chain link fence is to let a hanging plant or vine take it over. You will need to find a perennial or annual vine that you like and get seeds for it. If you don’t mind the extra work, annual vines grow quickly but you will need to replant them every year.【Get Price】

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An unsightly fence detracts from the landscape, potentially affecting how the entire backyard looks. If a new fence isn't in the budget, camouflaging methods hide the unattractive fence sections ...【Get Price】

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Having air conditioning, water on demand, and electricity in our homes are all wonderful things, but they require bulky and unsightly machines and cords that litter the outside of our houses. Cover them up with these 13 ways to hide outdoor eyesores and improve your curb appeal!【Get Price】

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Create a soothing oasis in the midst of urban chatter by enclosing a deck or patio with inexpensive fencing panels. A 6-foot-by-8-foot wood privacy panel is about $65; maintenance-free vinyl is $80-$170.【Get Price】

13 Genius Ways to Hide an Ugly Outdoor AC Unit

Let's face it: There's nothing pretty about an outdoor air conditioner unit. The big, bulky, appliance is always an eyesore, especially when it sits smack dab in your flower beds. ... 9 Picket Fence AC Cover. Clover House. Now there's a quaint solution for a not-so-pretty problem. ... 10 Stylish Ways to Hide Unsightly Cords In Your Home;【Get Price】

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Many experts recommend every 2-3 years, but a better way to determine your need is to check for beading. On a stained and sealed fence, if water no longer beads up on the surface, but instead soaks in, it may be time for maintenance. Check painted surfaces for cracks, chips and wear.【Get Price】

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Painting the fence could definitely help it disappear, or make it pop which could look great against any plants you end up planting. Especially succulents. I also like the second option you were thinking of - planting a vine up to crawl over the fence and planting succulents and jasmine below.【Get Price】